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Khaei. A girl who loves to travel and explore different things. I can be the sweetest and girliest girl you'll ever meet. But I can also be the bitchest bitch ever!

Loves: Green Tea Frappe, White Chocolates, Italian Foods, Bags, Heels, Hello Kitty, Pink, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, DBSK, KPOP.

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“I want to kiss you so hard that you will never be able to get the taste of me out of your mouth.”

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“I didn’t want you
to only fuck me,
I wanted you to
love me.

But I didn’t know what to
convince you with
besides my body.”

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#prada #bag #handbag #slingbag #bauletto #tesutto 👜🎀😍❤️

#prada #bag #handbag #slingbag #bauletto #tesutto 👜🎀😍❤️

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1 I still miss you, yknow. I was hoping you sent me a message.

2 I need comfort. Fuck, I hate panic attacks.

3 Why do people do stupid things then realize it’s wrong a second after they’ve done it? I just don’t understand.

4 Sleep early tonight. Good luck on your first day tomorrow.

5 I miss your voice. And your stories. How was your first day?

6 I hope you found someone there. A friend, a companion, a possible soulmate, just someone. I have no one.

7 I forgot your birthday once again. Oh well, it’s not like I’m there to celebrate it with you.

8 You never loved me, did you? The real love kind.

9 I’m starting to forget about things about us. To get used with life without you. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I’m not sure I like this. I want the past back - us back.

10 I hope you catch me because I’m already falling - I swear my music library is trying to torture me.

11 I want to talk to you. No malice, no intention - just friends. How can I do that?

12 Where did I go wrong? How did I manage to fuck everything up all at the same time? Shit.

13 It makes me mad that we don’t talk anymore. And I’m still hung up on you. Except I don’t think I am. Fuck, I’m a mess.

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“She’s the girl that has a few best friends and doesn’t need anymore, the girl that laughs the hardest at her own jokes. She’s the girl that will hang up on you, but then call you right back and say sorry. She’s the girl who will never leave your side when you need her, the girl who will go out of her way to cheer you up. She’s the girl who says she isn’t ticklish, but really is. She’s the girl who will not give up on you if she really believes in you. She’s the girl who believes in loving somebody forever. She’s me.”
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