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Khaei. A girl who loves to travel and explore different things. I can be the sweetest and girliest girl you'll ever meet. But I can also be the bitchest bitch ever!

Loves: Green Tea Frappe, White Chocolates, Italian Foods, Bags, Heels, Hello Kitty, Pink, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, DBSK, KPOP.

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her own kind of selfie.👧💕❤️💋

her own kind of selfie.👧💕❤️💋


kiss you goodbye

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cr: hearing-ryeowook; do not edit or remove logo.

cr: hearing-ryeowook; do not edit or remove logo.

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let it go - sj ver (they are super junior - the king of hallyu)

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I’m scared of Nana noona

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When I refer to “a friend" it can be someone I’ve only heard of, a friend from the internet or even my mother’s friend

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Super Junior’s leader first ment at Super Show 6 after two years: "Even though we met at SMTown, but this time it’s just for SJ, for ELF. That’s why this is more special.” 

Wecome back our leader!

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